The Cocotron is an open source project which aims to implement a cross-platform Objective-C API similar to that described by Apple Inc.'s Cocoa documentation. This includes the AppKit, Foundation, Objective-C runtime and support APIs such as CoreGraphics and CoreFoundation.

Cocotron Code

Where to put framework DLL's

Generally speaking Windows will look for DLL's in the EXE's directory or on the PATH environment variable. This means that frameworks do not work as-is on Windows, you need to shuffle files around to execute a program which uses frameworks.

NSBundle implements a couple strategies to deal with this but the simplest is to put the frameworks in the executable's directory like so:

Windows will find the DLL's and the NSBundle code will look for the .framework/ directories for resources

See the retargetBundle page for information on a tool which will do this automatically for you during the build process.